Barcelona Quiz: 10 Trivia Questions and Answers

Barcelona Quiz: 10 Trivia Questions and Answers
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Barcelona is one of the most beautiful cities with a unique culture and architecture in the world that attracts many tourists to visit the city every year.

The Barcelona Quiz includes some interesting multiple choice trivia questions and answers about of this magnificent European city. Test your knowledge. We wish you a good time!

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1. In which country is Barcelona located?

2. Barcelona is the capital city of which autonomous community?

3. What is the percentage of people living in Barcelona that can write in Catalan?

4. When were the Summer Olympic Games held in Barcelona?

5. What is hidden under Las Ramblas, Barcelona's famous promenade?

6. What is the tallest building in Barcelona?

7. Which of these artists was not born in Barcelona?

8. The first of the medieval hereditary rulers of Barcelona was known as ______

9. Which unique sport do Castellers participate in?

10. Who is Barcelona's patron saint?