Baroque Architecture Quiz: questions and answers

Baroque Architecture Quiz: questions and answers
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Baroque Architecture is the highly decorative style originated in the early XVII century and lasted till the end of the XVIII century.

Baroque Architecture quiz includes interesting questions and answers to test your knowledge about this style.

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1. Where did Baroqure architectural style appear?

2. Who were the main architects of the Baroque period?

3. In which century was Baroque architecture extended in Europe and Latin America?

4. What does baroque architecture represent?

5. Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of Baroque architecture?

6. After the death of Bernini, who became the most influential architect in Rome?

7. What represents the last phase of Baroque architecture in Italy?

8. When was Baroque style introduced in Malta?

9. Who designed the Church of Santa Engracia in Lisbon?

10. Who designed the Luxemburgo Palace?