Battle Axe Quiz: questions and answers

Battle Axe Quiz: questions and answers
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Axe was one of the most powerful and important weapons for medieval warriors.

Battle Axe Quiz includes 10 interesting questions with multiple choice answers to test your knowledge on this topic.

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1. What is the other name of splitting maul?

2. What is an early type of battle axe?

3. When has first hafted stone axes been produced?

4. Which axe was widely in use during the Bronze Age?

5. Which axe was used by King Stephen at the Battle of Lincoln?

6. When did the Battle of Lincoln occur?

7. Who used an axe to defeat Henry de Bohun in the Battle of Bannockburn?

8. Who was pictured carrying a battle axe during the English Civil War?

9. Which one is the traditional battle axe of Persia?

10. Which one is the battle axe of ancient India?