Beer Quiz: questions and answers

Beer Quiz: questions and answers
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Beer is one of the most consumed alcoholic drink in the world. The history of brewing begins at the 6th millennium BC. What else do you know about the 'liquid bread'?

Beer quiz consists of ten fun questions related to the history of brewing.

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1. Who were the beer drinkers in the Roman Empire?

2. Where the Oktoberfest takes place?

3. Who were the first Canadian brewers according to many hisrotical sources?

4. Where once happened the flood of beer?

5. What was the first cereal used by Sumerians for beer making?

6. Where the first traces of beer go back to?

7. Which of these things has no impact on the color of a beer?

8. What country is not among the world's largest beer drinkers?

9. When did the word "beer" appear for the first time?

10. In which of these countries beer isn't cheaper than mineral water?