Berlin Quiz: questions and answers

Berlin Quiz: questions and answers
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Berlin is not only the capital of Germany but also a Mecca for techno music lovers. The city rose up like phoenix after it was seriously damaged during World War II and now it attracts many young people to enjoy music and the spirit of life.

The Berlin Quiz consists of 10 questions and answers about this unique and modern city. Can you make no mistakes?

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1. Where is Berlin located?

2. Which river flows through Berlin?

3. How much is the territory of Berlin bigger than the territory of Paris?

4. How many localities in the world are named Berlin?

5. What appeared on the streets of Berlin in 1878 for the first time in the world?

6. The earliest evidence of settlements in the area of today's Berlin is the remnants of a house foundation dated to ...

7. What is the architectural style of Brandenburg Gate?

8. How many passengers does Deutsche Bahn AG carry annually?

9. When did Berlin host the Summer Olympics?

10. What was the amount of bombs dropped on Berlin by the Allies during World War II?