Blockbuster LLC Quiz: questions and answers

Blockbuster LLC Quiz: questions and answers
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This quiz about the largest video rental chain in America. As soon as a video rental start losing its popularity company started to provide streaming service.

Blockbuster LLC Quiz includes 10 questions with multiple choice answers about the company.

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1. When was Blockbuster LLC founded?

2. Who was the founder of Blockbuster LLC?

3. DEJ Productions by Blockbuster LLC was later sold to:

4. What is the full form of ADR, launched in 2010?

5. When did BlockBuster LLC file for bankruptcy?

6. What was the name of a loyalty program Blockbuster launched in late 1998?

7. Which video chain did Blockbuster purchase in the UK in the 1990s?

8. A billion-dollar campaign called "Total Access" was a strategy against:

9. In which year was Blockbuster LLC at its peak?

10. Which CRO was hired in August 2010 to save the company with debt restricting?