Breaking Bad Quiz: questions and answers

Breaking Bad Quiz: questions and answers
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Breaking Bad is a popular American criminal drama TV series. It tells the story of a desperate school teacher who decides to break the law to care for his family.

Breaking Bad quiz includes some questions and answers about the plot of the series.

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1. What is the name of Waler's ex-student who helps him doing the crime?

2. How much money did Walt bury in the desert?

3. What is the name of Walter White's daughter?

4. Which character provides Walter with a new lab in season 3?

5. Where was Walter found wandering naked in season 2?

6. Who does Walter buy a car for in season 4?

7. Which of Jesse's friends is killed in season 2 of Breaking Bad?

8. What do Walter and Jessie produce in the secret laboratory?

9. Which insects does Walter compare criminals to?

10. Which spin-off prequel series was released in 2015?