Brigitte Bardot Quiz: questions and answers

Brigitte Bardot Quiz: questions and answers
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Do you know a lot about Bridgitte Bardot? Play this quiz to check your knowledge on this beautiful French actress. 

Brigitte Bardot quiz has 10 easy questions about her biography. 

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1. Who did Brigitte Bardot marry when she turned 18?

2. Which movie heralded Bardot's arrival on the world's cinema stage?

3. How many children does Bridgitte have?

4. Which James Bond actor did Bardot star with in Shalako movie?

5. In which of the following movies did Brigitte Bardot not play herself?

6. Brigitte Bardot appeared nude in a Playboy spread, celebrating which magazine's anniversary?

7. What does Brigitte do nowadays after retiring from movie-making?

8. Which religion has Bardot spoken against?

9. Which movie star impressed Brigitte Bardot with his integrity and courtesy?

10. Bardot's screen persona can best be described as: