Bulgarian Сuisine Quiz: Trivia Questions and Answers

Bulgarian Сuisine Quiz: Trivia Questions and Answers
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For many years Bulgarian cuisine has been developing under the influence of Turkish and Mediterranean culinary traditions. What do you know about the traditional dishes in Bulgaria?

The Bulgarian Сuisine Quiz consists of some interesting multiple choice trivia questions and answers about the topic. Test your knowledge right now!

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1. Bulgarian Cuisine is a representative of which part of Europe?

2. Bulgarian cuisine has a connection to which country's cuisine?

3. In Bulgaria, the salad is eaten with which course?

4. What are the ingredients of Sopska Salata salad?

5. What are the commonly used spices in Bulgarian cuisine?

6. What is the essential ingredient in Bulgarian cuisine?

7. At what time dinner is usually eaten in Bulgaria?

8. In which season are domestic animals more eaten in Bulgaria?

9. What is a popular method used in stewing and roasting?