Burberry Quiz: questions and answers

Burberry Quiz: questions and answers
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Burberry is a fashion design house of luxury clothes and perfumery originated in the UK in the middle of the XIX century.

Burberry quiz consists of some interesting questions and answers about the history of the brand.

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1. How many locations do the Burberry stores exist in officially as of May 2016?

2. Where is the headquarters of Burberry?

3. Which types of coats are synonymous with Burberry?

4. What "prorsum" in Burberry logo stands for?

5. When was Burberry was founded?

6. In which year did Burberry go Public on the London Stock Exchange?

7. What is the waterproof fabric launched by Burberry in 1879 is known as?

8. There are 8 Burberry stores in which continent as of 2016?

9. Who was the founder of Burberry?

10. When was Tielocken coat patented by Burberry?