Burning Man Quiz: questions and answers

Burning Man Quiz: questions and answers
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Burning Man is an annual art festival that takes place in Black Rock City. The event lasts for a week when the place turns into a large museum of visual and performing arts.

Burning Man quiz consists of some curious questions and answers about this fascinating and spectacular event.


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1. Where does the Burning Man take place?

2. When was the first Burning Man held?

3. Where was the first Burning Man held?

4. Who were the first to organize the Burning Man?

5. What is the name of the temporary city created by Burning Man participants?

6. How many people attended Burning Man in 2016?

7. For how many years has Burning Man been held?

8. Where AfrikaBurn is held?

9. What is the admission price for Burning Man?

10. What is the theme of the upcoming Burning Man?