Canada Day Quiz: questions and answers

Canada Day Quiz: questions and answers
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Canada Day is a national Canadian holiday that is celebrated to commemorate the signing of the British North America Act on 1st of July in 1867.

Canada Day quiz includes 10 interesting questions about the history of the holiday.

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1. When was the British North America Act effected?

2. What is Canada Day also known as?

3. What is the date of Canada Day celebrations?

4. When was the name "Dominion Day" changed to "Canada Day"?

5. When was the Canada Day holiday was established statutorily?

6. Who passed the Private Member's Bill to change "Dominion Day" to "Canada Day"?

7. What year did the Canadian Government begin to promote the international celebration of Canada Day?

8. Flooding of the Saint Lawrence Seaway happens on the same day as Canada day in what year?

9. The Inauguration of the order of Canada happens on the same day as Canada Day in what year?

10. In 1958, how much did the Canadian Government budgeted for the celebration of Canada day?