Cappuccino Quiz: questions and answers

Cappuccino Quiz: questions and answers
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Cappuccino is an Italian coffee drink made of espresso and a small amount of hot milk and milk microfoam.

Cappuccino quiz includes some curious questions about the origin of this drink.

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1. What is cappuccino?

2. Where is cappuccino originally from?

3. Cappuccinos are most often prepared with:

4. What is the portion of cappuccino usually served in the USA?

5. What is the Latin name of сappuccino?

6. What is the alternative to fresh milk for сappuccino?

7. When were different devices for making cappuccino designed?

8. Which country modified "cappuccino" to "kapuziner" by adding whipped cream and spices?

9. What is the Canadian cappuccino selling brand?

10. What is the name of the iced cappuccino in Cyprus and Greece?