Carhartt Quiz: questions and answers

Carhartt Quiz: questions and answers
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Carhartt is an American clothing brand that specializes of designing and manufacturing work clothes such.

Carhartt quiz includes some questions and multiple choice answers to test what do you know about the history of the company.

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1. When was Carhartt, Inc. founded?

2. What is Carhartt known for?

3. Where is the headquarters of Carhartt?

4. Who is the founder of Carhartt?

5. How much is Carhartt worth?

6. What was the number of employees in Carhartt in 2012?

7. How many sewing machines and workers were the at the beginning of Carhartt?

8. What was the Carhartt's first slogan?

9. Within 20 years of its founding, Carhartt had expanded its facilities into how much other cities?

10. What were the total Carhartt sales in 1990?