Cartier Quiz: questions and answers

Cartier Quiz: questions and answers
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Cartier is one of the world-famous company that designs and sells luxurious jewelry and watches.

Cartier quiz consists of interesting questions with answers related to the company's history and activity.

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1. Who is the founder of Cartier?

2. Where was Cartier founded?

3. What is Cartier known for?

4. When was Cartier founded?

5. How many Cartier's stores exist?

6. What is Cartier's parent company?

7. Who is the CEO of Cartier?

8. What is the oldest Cartier store?

9. Who was the designer that popularize the wristwatch for men?

10. Who said, "Jeweler of Kings and King of Jewelers" referring to Cartier?

11. What is Cartier parent company?