Celine Dion Quiz: questions and answers

Celine Dion Quiz: questions and answers
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This woman is a great Canadian singer who became popular at a young age. She became extremely popular after the song "My Heart Will Go On" was released as a soundtrack for "Titanic" movie.

Celine Dion Quiz includes fun questions about life and career of the singer.

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1. When was Celine Dion born?

2. What did Dion's husband die of?

3. Which car company is the official sponsor of "A New Day…"?

4. What was the first Celine's English song released in the US?

5. Who was Dion's father?

6. Which country did Celine Dion represent at the Eurovision Song Contest in 1988?

7. Where did Celine's show "A New Day..." open?

8. How many Grammys does Dion have?

9. Who did Celine sing the song "Beauty and the Beast" with?

10. What does the lucky one of the audience receive after each performance at "A New Day…"?