Cerberus Quiz: questions and answers

Cerberus Quiz: questions and answers
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Cerberus is a three-headed dog that guards the exit from the otherworld in Greek mythology. Its main purpose is to prevent the dead living the otherworld.

Cerberus quiz consists of some interesting questions and answers to test what do you know about this creature.

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1. Cerberus is:

2. What did Cerberus save Delia from when he first met her?

3. Who was Argus about to kill before Cerberus attacked and overthrew Argus?

4. Who wanted to capture Cerberus?

5. What does Cerberus blood turn into when he is angry?

6. Who was the assassin who killed Delia to lure Cerberus to the underworld?

7. Who did Cerberus Mother like the most?

8. Who was Cerberus' brother?

9. What creatures did Cerberus save Delia from in the woods near her village?

10. Who was Cerebrus' father?