Ceres Quiz: questions and answers

Ceres Quiz: questions and answers
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Ceres is one of the objects of the Solar System. It was discovered as a planet then it was reclassified as a huge asteroid which was later reclassifieв as a dwarf planet.

Ceres quiz includes some interesting questions with multiple choice answers.

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1. What is the diameter of Ceres?

2. Who discovered Ceres as the first asteroid?

3. Where was Ceres discovered?

4. When was it discovered?

5. When did NASA release a true-color portrait of Ceres?

6. What is the name NASA's robotic spacecraft entered orbit around Ceres?

7. Who was the first to suggest the existence of Ceres between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter?

8. What is the rotation period of Ceres?

9. What was the maximum temperature of Ceres?

10. When is the Chinese Space Agency planning to start sample retrieval mission from Ceres?