Christmas Dinner Quiz: questions and answers

Christmas Dinner Quiz: questions and answers
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Christmas Dinner is a big family feast held on Christmas Eve. It is one of the most pleasant moments of Christmas celebration.

Christmas Dinner quiz contains ten questions and answers to test yourself.

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1. What are small sausages wrapped in bacon, in British Christmas dinner known as?

2. When is Christmas dinner in the UK mostly eaten?

3. Which type of meat is synonymous with Christmas dinner in Lebanon?

4. What is the time of Christmass dinner known as in Mexico?

5. What is the date of Christmas dinner in most countries in the world?

6. Where is Cena de Navidad celebrated?

7. Boiled dried-salted cod accompanied with boiled cabbage or greens is eaten on Christmas dinner in:

8. At what time on Christmas Eve is Christmas dinner eaten in Iceland?

9. The Japanese Christmas dinner is followed by a cake decorated with what?

10. What is traditionally hidden in a Christmas pudding?