Christmas Eve Quiz: Trivia Questions and Answers

Christmas Eve Quiz: Trivia Questions and Answers
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Christmas Eve is the last evening before Christmas when all family comes together for a big festive dinner. This is the most magical time of the year.

The Christmas Eve Quiz contains 10 multiple choice trivia questions with answers about this celebration. Try to answer each one correctly! And Merry Christmas to you...

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1. In the Byzantine Rite what is Christmas Eve refer to as?

2. Which famous foto was taken on December 24, 1968?

3. Where does Jultomten deliver presents to children personally on Christmas Eve?

4. When does the Armenian Apostolic Church observe Christmas Eve?

5. What is the dinner that French eat on Christmas Eve called?

6. When does the Eastern Orthodox Churches observe Christmas Eve?

7. What event do young Jews go to on Christmas Eve?

8. In which year was a truce between the British and the Germans made on Christmas Eve?

9. What did the astronauts Bill Anders, Jim Lovell and Frank Borman do on the Apollo 8 mission that surprised everyone on Christmas Eve?

10. A meatless meal is served on Christmas Eve in these countries EXCEPT: