Christmas Pudding Quiz: questions and answers

Christmas Pudding Quiz: questions and answers
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Christmas Pudding is one of the typical meals of the Christmas Dinner in Great Britain. Almost every British and Irish family have their very special recipe of plum pud.

Christmas Pudding quiz includes several interesting questions about this traditional dish.

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1. Where was Chrismas pudding originate from?

2. What is Chrismas pudding also known as?

3. When did the Empire Marketing Board (EMB) write a letter to the Master of the Royal Household requesting a copy of the recipe used to make the Chrismas pudding for the royal family in what year?

4. Who was the first to mention Christmas pudding in a cookbook?

5. When was Eliza Acton's book "Modern Cookery for Private Families" published in what year?

6. Who was the head of the Empire Marketing Board that was granted permission to use the recipe for Chrismas pudding?

7. Who was the Royal chef that provided the recipe for Chrismas pudding to the Empire Marketing Board (EMB)?

8. Why is Christmas pudding also known as plum pudding?

9. For how long is Christmas pudding usually aged?

10. How many ingredients the traditional Christmas pudding must contain?