Christopher Columbus Quiz: questions and answers

Christopher Columbus Quiz: questions and answers
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Christopher Columbus is the famous Italian explorer who is most known for the discovery of the American continent.

Christopher Columbus quiz contains several questions about the life of this great man.

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1. Where was Christopher Columbus born?

2. On which island was La Navidad erected by Columbus as a colony?

3. What animal did Columbus introduce to the new world?

4. Between 1492 and 1503, Columbus made 4 voyages sponsored by:

5. What was Christopher Columbus looking for while sailing west?

6. What were the names of 3 boats taken by Columbus when he left for Spain?

7. In which year was Christopher Columbus born?

8. Which book of Marco Polo inspired Columbus?

9. What did Columbus Discover first?

10. Who did Columbus send a letter to in 1467 requesting for work?