Colosseum Quiz: questions and answers

Colosseum Quiz: questions and answers
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Colosseum is one of the best-preserved buildings of ancient times. It is the most visited tourist attraction in Rome.

Colosseum quiz consists of ten interesting questions and answers about this treasure of ancient architecture.

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1. When was the Colosseum built?

2. Who was the Colosseum built for?

3. Who built the Colosseum?

4. What type of building is the Colosseum?

5. In which year was the Colosseum badly damaged by fire?

6. When was Colosseum fully repaired?

7. Which group of people were NOT banned from the Colosseum?

8. At which Italian version of the euro coin is the Colosseum depicted on?

9. When were animal hunts discontinued?

10. In what year did Pope Benedict XIV consecrate the Colosseum?