Common Fig Quiz: questions and answers

Common Fig Quiz: questions and answers
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Common Fig is one of the oldest cultivated plants on the planet. It was a very important plant in the agriculture of Pylos in the XII century BC.

 Common Fig includes some interesting questions and multiple choice answers about this fruit plant.

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1. What is the scientific name of the common fig?

2. What is the average height of a fig tree?

3. What is the length of a fig fruit?

4. For which community figs were a common food source?

5. When were figs were first cultivated in Northern Europe?

6. When did Reginald Pole introduce fig to Lambeth Palace in London?

7. What is the most popular variety of Smyrna-type fig?

8. Which kind of fig has been grown in Turkey for many centuries?

9. Which country is the largest producer of fig?

10. What were figs used for in some old Mediterranean folk practices?