Coriander Quiz: questions and answers

Coriander Quiz: questions and answers
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Coriander is a popular condiment in different cuisines. All parts of the plant can be consumed but fresh leaves and dried seed are used more often.

Coriander quiz contains several questions and answers to test your knowledge of the topic.

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1. What is the other name of coriander?

2. What is coriander?

3. What is the binomial name of coriander?

4. What is the average height of the coriander plant?

5. Which ancient civilization has started to cultivate the coriander according to Zohary and Hopf?

6. Which part of the coriander plant is usually used in different spice mixes?

7. Which German and South African food is often cooked with coriander?

8. What is coriander often added to in Rusia and Central Europe?

9. In which cuisine coriander roots are mostly used?

10. What is the amount of protein that raw coriander leaves contain?