Cupcake Quiz: questions and answers

Cupcake Quiz: questions and answers
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What do you know about this little cute desserts? Play the quiz and find out how well do you know the history of cupcakes.

Cupcake Quiz with 10 multiple-choice questions and answers will check what do you know about the stated topic.

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1. A cupcake was initially designed to serve how many people?

2. How much butter does it have to be in a cupcake, according to its size?

3. What are cupcakes called In Australia?

4. When were cupcakes invented?

5. Which of the following is usually a dry component in cupcakes?

6. Where did cupcakes originate from?

7. What is the important step between baking and frosting?

8. Whose recipe book is credited to the invention of cupcakes?

9. What is milk used as in cupcakes?