Czech Republic Quiz: questions and answers

Czech Republic Quiz: questions and answers
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This country is famous for its beers, food, and castles. Every year millions of tourists go there to wander through old cities.

Czech Republic Quiz consists of questions with multiple choice answers about this beautiful European country.

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1. Where is the Czech Republic located?

2. Which country borders the Czech Republic to the south?

3. What is the capital and largest city of the Czech Republic?

4. Who is the current president of the Czech Republic?

5. What was the population of the Czech Republic in 2016?

6. What is the GDP of the Czech Republic?

7. When did Czechoslovakia dissolve?

8. Who was the most famous Czech painter in the Gothic era?

9. Who is the only Czech writer awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature?

10. How many gold medals has the Czech Republic won in summer and winter Olympic history?