Dagger Quiz: questions and answers

Dagger Quiz: questions and answers
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Dagger is a bladed weapon used for slashing and stabbing. The first known daggers date back to 2000 BC, and until the end of the XVI century, it had been the main weapon of European warriors.

Dagger quiz consists of some interesting questions and multiple choice answers about the stated topic.


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1. What were the earliest daggers made of?

2. When did the copper daggers appear?

3. In which year did "Discovery of Tomb of Tutankhamun" reveal two daggers?

4. When did the producing of Iron begin?

5. When did the daggers come back into play?

6. Which dagger was designed during the Vietnam War by US army captain Bud Holzman?

7. What is one of the most popular forms of Concealable daggers?

8. What kind of blade does a stiletto dagger have?