David Attenborough Quiz: questions and answers

David Attenborough Quiz: questions and answers
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David Attenborough is a British naturalist and TV host. He is known as the pioneer of nature documentary movies and TV shows.

David Attenborough quiz includes ten questions and answers about the life of this man.

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1. What is sir David Frederick Attenborough naturalist also well known for?

2. What company he was a former senior manager at?

3. Who was Attenborough's father?

4. What is the date of birth of David Frederick Attenborough?

5. What did Attenborough collect when he was a child?

6. In which year Attenborough got the Cambridge scholarship?

7. Which organization did Attenborough join after leaving the Navy?

8. What were his early projects after joining the talks department?

9. Why Attenborough resigned from the permanent staff of the BBC?

10. Sir David Frederick Attenborough has been called as: