Diablo Quiz: questions and answers

Diablo Quiz: questions and answers
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Diablo is a popular videogame series developed by Blizzard company. What do you know about this RPG game?

Diablo quiz consists of 10 interesting questions and answers about the series.

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1. Which company developed Diablo?

2. What is the name of the fantasy world where the series is set?

3. Who is the series' main antagonist?

4. When was Diablo released?

5. What is the latest expansion for Diablo III called?

6. What is the name given to humans in the series?

7. Who shattered Diablo's soulstone?

8. Who voiced Baal, the Lord of Destruction?

9. How many archangels does the Angiris Council consist of?

10. How many copies did Diablo II sell in the year it was released?