Dr. Martens Quiz: questions and answers

Dr. Martens Quiz: questions and answers
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Dr. Martens is a clothing and footwear brand from England. Play the quiz and check what do you know about this world-famous company.

Dr. Martens quiz contains ten interesting questions and multiple choice answers to test yourself.

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1. When was Dr. Martens founded?

2. Who was the founder of Dr. Martens?

3. Where is the headquarters of Dr. Martens located?

4. What is Dr. Martens known for?

5. When did Klaus Martens open a shoe factory in Munich?

6. Where was Dr. Martens founded?

7. Which company bought the patent right to manufacture Dr. Martens in the UK?

8. When were the first Dr. Martens boots manufactured in the UK?

9. When did Alexei Sayle write the song titled "Dr. Martens Boots"?

10. When did Klaus Martens meet his Co-Founder and friend, Herbert Funck in Munich?