Dublin Quiz: questions and answers

Dublin Quiz: questions and answers
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Dublin is the capital and the largest city of Ireland. It is the largest port of Ireland and also the cultural and economical center of the country.

Dublin quiz includes ten interesting questions and multiple choice answers about this old and beautiful city.

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1. Where is Dublin located?

2. In which province is Dublin located?

3. Who is the Lord Mayor of Dublin?

4. Which year is recognized by the government as a year of the Dublin's settlement?

5. When did Dublin become the capital of the "Irish Free State"?

6. When were the boundaries of the city comprehended by the baronies of Dublin City and the Barony of Dublin?

7. In which year was Dublin listed as the fourth richest city in the world by purchasing power?

8. Who settled the city?

9. When was the Dublin Castle founded?

10. Which world's famous brewery was founded in Dublin in the 18th century?