Ecology Online Quiz: questions and answers

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Ecology Online Quiz: questions and answers
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What do you know about ecology? This branch of biology studies the relations between living organisms and their environment. 

Ecology quiz includes 10 interesting questions related to this topic. 

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1. What are the examples of abiotic or physical factors in the environment?

2. What is the number of a particular species of organism in a given area at a particular time called?

3. A lion hunts and eats an antelope. Who is the lion in this case?

4. What is the example of a parasite-host relationship?

5. What is the relationship between two different organisms living closely together for long periods of time called?

6. What are the factors that least likely affect populations of organisms on earth?

7. Which physical factor in the environment affects the behavior of crabs the most?

8. Which organisms are most affected by the change of seasons?

9. What is the water condition for oxygen gas to dissolve more rapidly?

10. Fish are streamlined in shape for faster movement in water. This is an example of a: