Edgar Allan Poe Quiz: questions and answers

Edgar Allan Poe Quiz: questions and answers
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Edgar Allan Poe was an American writer, literary critic, and editor. He is famous for being the father of the modern detective literary genre.

Edgar Allan Poe quiz consists of some interesting questions and answers about the biography of the author.

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1. Who was Edgar Allan Poe?

2. When was Edgar Allan Poe born?

3. Where was Edgar Allan Poe born?

4. Who were the biological parents of Edgar Allan Poe?

5. Why did Poe leave the University of Virginia?

6. Which literary movement did Poe's writings belong to?

7. What was the title of the first published collection of Poe's poems?

8. Which of the following books was written by Edgar Allan Poe?

9. How many biological brothers and sisters did Edgar Allan Poe have?

10. Who did Poe marry at the age of 27?