Electricity Quiz: questions and answers

Electricity Quiz: questions and answers
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Electricity plays an important role in the life of humanity. It is thought that electricity will replace other fuels in the nearest future. What do you know about it?

Electricity quiz includes ten questions and answers about the topic. Play this quiz and test your knowledge.

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1. What is the flow of charges through a conductor called?

2. What is the mathematical form of Ohm’s Law?

3. What does the static charges produce?

4. Which of the following is same in series circuit?

5. What makes the electric motor work?

6. Conventional current flows due to ______

7. What is a current produced in a coil moving in a magnetic field called?

8. Electric heater produces heat due to ______

9. Who invented electric cell first?

10. Electric power equals to the product of voltage and ______