Eucalyptus Quiz: questions and answers

Eucalyptus Quiz: questions and answers
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Eucalyptus is an exotic evergreen plant that originates from the Southern parts of our planet. It is famous for its healing properties.

Eucalyptus quiz consists of ten interesting questions and answers about this plant.

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1. Which family does eucalyptus belong to?

2. How many species of eucalyptus exist?

3. Which country most species are native to?

4. How many of the 15 species found outside Australia are exclusively non-Australian?

5. How many types of eucalyptus trees exist based on height?

6. How high is the smallest tree?

7. How high is the tallest tree?

8. Eucalyptus flowers have numerous fluffy stamens which cannot be seen in which color?

9. How many different commonly recognized types of eucalyptus bark exist?

10. Eucalypti are usually damaged in temperatures below: