Father’s Day Quiz: questions and answers

Father’s Day Quiz: questions and answers
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The history of the holiday goes far back in history. The Father's Day was established in the Middle Ages as a celebration of fatherhood.

Father’s Day quiz includes 10 questions and answers about the history of a holiday.

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1. When is Father's Day celebrated in most countries?

2. On which date was Father's Day celebrated in middle ages?

3. What did the Catholics celebrate as Father's Day?

4. When does the Coptic Church celebrate St. Joseph's Day?

5. When was the first celebration of Father's Day in the USA?

6. When was Father's Day establish on the third Saturday?

7. What is the earliest time of the year that Father's Day is celebrated?

8. Which country celebrates Father's Day on the 8th of May?

9. How many countries celebrate Father's Day on the third Sunday?

10. Where is Father's Day celebrated in the last month of the year?