FIFA Quiz: questions and answers

FIFA Quiz: questions and answers
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FIFA is the highest governing body of football and all its variations. Test your knowledge of the main football association in the world.

FIFA quiz includes 10 fun questions with answers related to the topic.

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1. How often FIFA takes place?

2. When was FIFA founded?

3. When was FIFA World Cup held for the first time?

4. How many teams were invited to the 1st FIFA World Cup?

5. Where was 2018 FIFA World Cup held?

6. Which team has won the maximum number of FIFA trophies?

7. Which month witnessed the World Cup Final In South Africa?

8. Who was the first player to miss the "Penalty Kick"?

9. What was Maradonna famous for?

10. Who is the present president of FIFA?

11. What is Online Football Club Service called?