Fireworks Quiz: questions and answers

Fireworks Quiz: questions and answers
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Fireworks are the type of low explosive pyrotechnic devices used as a decorative element of festive events.

Fireworks quiz includes some curious questions and multiple choice answers about the stated topic.

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1. When were fireworks invented?

2. When was "Traité des feux d'artice pour le" spectacle released?

3. When were colored fireworks invented?

4. Where were colored fireworks invented?

5. When were modern skyrocket invented?

6. When was "Crackerjacks" organized?

7. When was The Pyrotechnics Guild International founded?

8. When did Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom "Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party" begun?

9. When did Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom "Halloween screams" begun?

10. How many people attended the Derry Halloween fireworks in 2010?