Flags of the World Quiz: questions and answers

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Flags of the World Quiz: questions and answers
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Do you know that flag is one of the most important and sacred things for every country? Let's check how well do you know the symbols of the world's countries!

Flags of the World quiz has easy and curious questions about this topic.

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1. Which flag does depict a maple leaf?

2. Which flag does depict a blue cross on the white background?

3. What are the colors of the flag of Italy?

4. Which flag is made up of one and the same color?

5. Which flag does have four not three stripes?

6. Which flag is the most similar to the Russian one?

7. Which flag does have the shape of a square?

8. Which flag does depict a symbol of Islam?

9. Which flag does not have the stars?

10. Which flag does not have black stripes?