Flea Quiz: questions and answers

Flea Quiz: questions and answers
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1. How long can an adult flea go without a snack of a host’s blood?

2. How long can flea pupae remain in their cocoons waiting for a host to show up?

3. What are ectoparasites?

4. What is an example of a plant that is a parasite?

5. Are there any parasites that live in symbiosis with their hosts?

6. What is the common name given to hard plates on the exterior of many insects for the sake of protection?

7. Besides the sclerites, what is distinctive of a flea’s body?

8. A flea uses its back legs for jumping. How many joints are in each of the flea’s back legs?

9. If a human could jump in the same proportion as a flea, how far could a human jump?

10. In a population of fleas, in a home, for example, how many of the fleas are eggs?