Quiz on Flowers: questions and answers

Quiz on Flowers: questions and answers
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The is a huge variety of flowers exists all over the world. They are not only beautiful but also play a significant role in the life of animals and insects.

Quiz on Flowers with its questions and answers will test your knowledge of this topic.

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1. What is the alternative name for "flower"?

2. What is the main function of the flower?

3. What the ovary develops into after fertilization?

4. Collectively, the calyx and corolla are known as _____

5. What Greek word does "androecium" come from?

6. What Greek word does "gynoecium" come from?

7. What is the term for collective cluster of flowers?

8. What can the structure of a flower be expressed by?

9. How many spores all flowering plants produce?

10. What helps plants to transfer pollen?