Fly Quiz: questions and answers

Fly Quiz: questions and answers
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1. What are the halteres?

2. The earliest fly fossils so far found are from the:

3. In terms of their scientific classification, to which order do flies belong?

4. Which of the following diseases mosquitoes are not a vector for?

5. How many species of Diptera are present in Europe?

6. What was the estimated speed of the deer bot fly suggested by Charles Townsend in 1927?

7. Many Dipteras are mimetic, what does it mean?

8. According to some Abrahamic religions, who is Beelzebub?

9. Which of the following TV shows used the style of documentary-making called fly-on-the-wall?

10. Who composed the 1920s piano work "From the Diary of a Fly"?