Foie Gras Quiz: questions and answers

Foie Gras Quiz: questions and answers
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Foie Gras is a worldwide popular luxurious traditional French dish made of the liver of geese or ducks who are force-fed for several days before slaughter.

Foie Gras quiz contains some questions and answers about the topic to test yourself.

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1. Foie gras is French for:

2. What is foie gras made of?

3. What is the name given to the process of force-feeding corn with a feeding tube?

4. Who were the first to fatten birds through force overfeeding?

5. Which country is the largest producer and consumer of foie gras?

6. How many ducks does Hudson Valley Foie Gras use each year?

7. What percentage of foie gras does a parfait de foie gras must contain?

8. How many kcal does 100g of canned pâté de foie gras provide?

9. The mulard duck, a species of duck widely used for foie gras production, is a domestic duck hybrid of: