Fondue Quiz: questions and answers

Fondue Quiz: questions and answers
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Fondue is a traditional Swiss dish that is very popular around the world. The traditional recipe includes assorted Swiss cheese that is melted and mixed with garlic, nutmeg and traditional drink called Kirsch.

Fondue quiz contains some interesting questions and answers about this dish. 

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1. Where does fondue originate from?

2. What is the main ingredient of a traditional fondue?

3. When was fondue popularized in North America?

4. When was the word "fondue" first mentioned?

5. When was the book "Kass mit Wein zu kochen" that has the first recipe of cheese fondue published?

6. When did the first mention of modern day recipe for cheese fondue appear?

7. When was cornstarch introduced to Switzerland?

8. When was fondue introduced to Americans?

9. Who popularized fondue as a national Swiss dish?