Forrest Gump Quiz: questions and answers

Forrest Gump Quiz: questions and answers
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Forrest Gump is a dramatical movie by Robert Zemeckis. It tells the inspiring story of a boy who did not want to give up. 

Forrest Gump quiz contains several interesting questions with multiple choice answers to test yourself.


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1. Who portrayed Forrest Gump?

2. Where is Forrest Gump from?

3. Whom did Forrest fall in love with?

4. What name did Forrest give to his shrimping boat?

5. Which famous singer did Forrest meet in his youth?

6. In which war did Forrest fight?

7. Why is Forrest awarded the Medal of Honor?

8. Who was Forrest's commanding officer during the Vietnam War?

9. How many children did Forrest have?

10. What did Jenny die of?