Frankenstein by Mary Shelley Quiz: questions and answers

Frankenstein by Mary Shelley Quiz: questions and answers
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This novel is one of the greatest masterpieces of gothic horror literature. It tells the story of a young scientist who creates a monster.

Frankenstein by Mary Shelley Quiz consists of 10 questions and answers related to the plot of this creepy story.

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1. When was "Frankenstein" first published?

2. Why did Mary Shelley write "Frankenstein"?

3. "Frankenstein" is considered the first of which literature genre?

4. Which name was Frankenstein's monster not referred to?

5. How was Victor's youngest brother William murdered?

6. Which disease did Elizabeth recover from?

7. What did the monster request from Frankenstein?

8. When Victor's boat is blown off-course, where does he end up?

9. Where did Mary Shelley get inspiration for "Frankenstein"?

10. When was the first movie adaptation of "Frankenstein" published?