Franz Kafka Quiz: questions and answers

Franz Kafka Quiz: questions and answers
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Franz Kafka was a Czech philosopher and writer who is considered one of the key persons of the literature of the XX century. What do you know about the hard-luck of this author?

Franz Kafka quiz includes ten multiple choice questions and answers to test yourself

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1. Where was Franz Kafka born?

2. Which one of the following novels was written by Kafka?

3. At what age did Kafka die?

4. Which chronic disease was Kafka suffering from?

5. What was Kafka's friend Max Brod supposed to do with Franz's writings after the death of the author?

6. Which period of Kafka's life is described in his diaries?

7. How many times was Kafka married?

8. Which theme was not typical for Kafka's writings?

9. Which degree did Kafka get in college?

10. What was the name of Kafka's mother?