Franz Schubert Quiz: questions and answers

Franz Schubert Quiz: questions and answers
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Franz Schubert was an Austrian composer who is often referred to as one of the pioneers of European romantic music.

Franz Schubert quiz includes some interesting questions and answers to test your knowledge about the life of this great man of music.

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1. When was Franz Schubert born?

2. In which century was Schubert born?

3. What was the nationality of Franz Schubert?

4. How many musical works did Schubert compose?

5. What is the name of the composition that Franz wrote for his father's birthday?

6. At what age did Schubert take violin lessons from his father?

7. Which instrument did Franz play in his family's string quartet?

8. In what year did Franz compose the "Piano Sonata in A minor"?

9. Who was Franz buried next to?

10. At what age did Schubert die?