French Horn Quiz: questions and answers

French Horn Quiz: questions and answers
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The French horn is a brass wind instrument which was developed from olifant. Play the quiz and check how well do you know this musical instrument.

French Horn quiz consists of several interesting questions about the history and features of this instrument.

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1. Which type of instrument is a french horn?

2. How many valves are used in a single horn to control the flow of air?

3. Which tone is the most difficult to play with a french horn?

4. How many valves are there in a simple horn?

5. In which music french horns were used for the first time?

6. How many sets of tubes are required in a single horn to connect to the valves?

7. What kind of valves are used in vienna horn?

8. What is the extra valve in the Double Horn known as?

9. How many French Horn players are there in a classical orchestra?